MODA Fashion

Fashion modeling was a crazy idea. I had never been a girly girl. And yet, two of me (to clarify, two of my alts) worked as fashion models.

I found that being a model in SL requires as much creativity and resourcefulness as being a designer in SL. It started out as wanting to unveil the Mer Betta Pasithea White Moon bridal tail at a mermaid fashion show. I wanted it to be shown a certain way. But I knew nothing about how fashion shows were put together nor how models prepared for a show. So I signed up for a course at the MODA Modeling School. I joined the MODA Spotlight team after the training and so did my alt HiHo Silvera. Both Opal and HiHo had been in several MODA Spotlight shows, which you can view on, as well as in MODA Showcase shows. I took a break after the Violator show in October 2009 and returned in March 2010 on an as-needed basis.

Portfolio Summary

Born: 2006 August 31 (Opal) / 2007 Jan 15 (HiHo)


Fashion model and designer with a successful line of mer tails (Mer Betta), modeling tools and accessories (Ms.O.Lei-ny) and a line of ancient fashion reproductions (Ancient Visions). Focused on the unusual, the ethnic, the fantastical, and the theatrical.


Machinimatography, photography, static animations (using U-Poser and Poser), avatar design (Mer Betta) and clothing reproductions (Ms.O.Lei-ny/Ancient Visions), texturing (using Gimp), sculpties (using Blender), building, scripting.

Model card (Opal)

Model card (Hiho)